Who do you miss at your Christmas table?


I wish we could sit once more around the Christmas table.
Just to talk.
To laugh.
To sing.
All together
one more time.

Our day began with Stockings made from tights filled with tangerines and small gifts. Usually I woke up first excited but we all had to have breakfast before we entered the front room . We queued at the door and entered after Mum. Presents placed in named piles under the tree. Excited we tore into the wrappings revealing the gifts so lovingly given.

Watching the Top of the Pops Christmas Special before the Queens speech as dinner is prepared, as we sat among the wrapping paper mess and toys needing batteries as we passed around the selection boxes and Quality Street.

Sharing our hopes and dreams for the coming year as we pull crackers and put on our flimsy paper party hats and tell a joke or two.

Coming together as a family.

Forgetting the arguments, the disagreements and all the upset for just one day. The only division being who likes sprouts?

Celebrating as we hunted the sixpence hidden in the Christmas pudding. Eating mince pies and Terry’s chocolate orange until we were fit to burst.

I may look at my early family Christmas Day and Boxing Day through fairy light tinted glasses but to me it was the one day we came together and it felt safe, loving and traditional.

It is not presents that make Christmas so special, it is our presence and I miss you all more than ever on Christmas day.

Who do you miss at your Christmas table?

– © evie angel 2016

I hope this blog post will be helpful to you

Keep shining

evie x
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