and yet we still breathe…

That feeling when the air seems thick and chokes us – and yet we still breathe.
That memory that catches us unaware and stings us – and yet we still remember.
That tear that gently falls upon our cheek – and yet we still smile.
That touch that brings a shudder and you flinch automatically – and yet we still hug.
That smell that sickens us to the stomach – and yet we still choose to smell the flowers.
That moment when we remember we are safe in the here and now – and we sigh with relief.
© evie angel 2016
#PTSD #domesticabuserecovery 

About evolutionofevie

Qualified Counsellor, Survivor of Domestic Abuse, Coffee Shop Muse, Life Storyteller, Empowerment Facilitator and a believer in Kindness.
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