well-being is? – Be Self Care Aware pt1

Well-being is?
Well-being is the overall self care of our bodies, our minds and also our spiritual self too.
So self care is physical, psychological and spiritual.
W – well-being is taking self responsibility for our physical, psychological and spiritual health with support from others like doctors/therapists when needed
E – exercise is great for the mind, body and soul. Start off easy don’t expect to run a marathon straight away – exercise safely
L – love yourself – be extra kind to you – we so often care for others but neglect ourselves – show yourself the same care, respect and love you give to others and be your own best friend not your own worst enemy.
L – lazy – give yourself permission to rest and relax often, we can get so busy we forget that our bodies and minds need regular rest – so have that lie in, take a day off work, split those chores, have a long soak in the bubble bath – it’s not selfish it is self care and self love.
B – beauty is not the media or magazine ideal – beauty is all colours, all shapes, all genders and all sizes so see your beauty and let it shine. Remember, You are your own version of beautiful.
E – energy – what energy are you choosing to be around? what kind of energy are you giving off? – toxic/negative energies can affect your well-being so be mindful of this.
I – I matter, I am a priority too, I am taking care of me, I am self care in action, I am my own version of beautiful – I statements are powerful affirmations and also remind you that your feelings, health and well-being matter too – write your own and stick it on a post it note on your mirror or write it on a piece of card that fits in your purse or wallet.
N – no – a small word which holds such power – don’t be a people pleasing Yes person – say no if you really can’t babysit because you have your own plans, say no to overwhelming yourself with commitments or work – you always have a choice don’t feel obliged, be realistic and ask yourself should I say no?. You can get taken advantage of so easily if you are always the Yes person so be aware of this.
G – growing older – it happens to us all – the way we treat our bodies today affects us tomorrow so practice self care daily to support your health for the future. Our minds age too so do crosswords, word searches, read, do mindful colouring etc – keep your mind active.

We are all different so find your own ways to practice self care daily – so what are you going to do today to show yourself some daily self care?

© evie angel 2017

I hope this blog post will be helpful to you

Keep shining

evie x
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