The wallpaper mindset

The wallpaper mindset – CBT in action journal prompt

Ever notice the pattern of wallpaper repeating and repeating again and again.
The pattern of my life was just like that.
Negative mood, negative behaviour, negative life choice and repeat.
I was stuck with the same wallpaper mindset and the same negative outcome.
A change was needed. That wallpaper had to go.
We are really not as complex as we think we are. What we think affects our mood, our behaviour and our lifestyle choices.
It’s not healthy for us to get stuck in the same repetitive negative pattern in mood, behaviour or life choice.

Check for patterns (there can be positive, good and healthy patterns too!)
Keep a journal over a few weeks, monitoring mood, noting any behaviours and life style choices.
Can you notice any patterns?
Are they positive or negative?
Are they healthy or unhealthy?
Are they constructive or destructive?
Are you repeating them or learning from them?
Look at how you can change the patterns in your mood, behaviour or life choices if needed.
Just like redecorating your home you need to check and change your wallpaper mindset regularly.
– ©evieangel2018
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© evie angel 2018

I hope this blog post will be helpful to you

Keep shining

evie x
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