What is swimming in your river?

Finding your way to peace is difficult sometimes. I have found it difficult too.

Start small.  Small steps lead to Big changes.

Lets explore a simple exercise called ‘What is swimming in your river?’

In CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) we look at your Core Belief Framework – there are 4 key levels and I have added a 5th called New Direction;

  1. Core Beliefs are often learned in childhood and can be positive or negative.
  2. Assumptions are the rules you make based around your core beliefs and how others perceive you or how you perceive yourself.
  3. Strategies are defensive styles, patterns or behaviours
  4. Automatic Thoughts these come into your mind influenced by your core beliefs, assumptions and strategies.
  5. New Direction – Challenging the faulty thinking that comes from our Core belief.

To explain the power of your Core Belief Framework I want you to picture a river.

  • Automatic Thoughts are like the fish in the river. Schools of fish are a sign of overwhelm.
  • Strategies are the current of the river. Fast or slow.
  • Assumptions are the river itself. Winding its way across the landscape of who you are at your core.
  • Core beliefs are the groundwater. Is it clear or muddied by life.
  • New Direction – Changing the course of the river.

Can you picture the river?

So what is swimming in your river?

What are your Automatic Thoughts? e.g People don’t really like me.

What is your Strategy? e.g I will be a people pleaser so they won’t reject me.

What is your Assumption? e.g The world is unsafe, I can’t trust anyone.

What is your Core Belief? e.g I am unlikeable/unloveable

What is the New Direction of your river? e.g Not everybody will like me and I am ok with that. I will surround myself with those who value, respect, support and empower me.

Can you see how your Core Beliefs both negative and positive can have an impact upon your river? Ask yourself;

Is your river flowing in the right direction? Are your thinking and behaviour patterns impacting upon your day to day negatively?

Is it flowing too fast or do you need to slow it down?

How many fish are in your river? Are they darting about with no real direction? Are there too many fish in your river? Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Is your river clear or do you need to clear your thinking?

What is your New Direction/Core Belief Correction going to be?

We must observe, challenge and adapt our Core Beliefs and their impact. By checking and changing our negative focused Core Beliefs we can change the course of how our thinking and behaviour flows from our Core Belief Framework.

© evie angel 2019

I hope this blog post will be helpful to you

Keep shining

evie x
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Recommended Reading Material – Peaceful Mind by John R McQuaid. PHD and Paula E. Carmona RN. MSN New Harbinger Publications Inc. 2004



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